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Compagnia ospite

Street Arts

The show begins with an empty space, ringed by the audience. The performer shows up, dragging the FlyCase, a wooden black case, conquering all the space and dancing with it. Then he opens the FlyCase, and everything comes out: first of all the FlyingWorms, two big black and white plastic worms, which twirl over the audience’s heads gracefully, as it was blown by a gentle wind. Afterwards, Ginko comes out of the case: an ancestral mask with long hair.

As the performer wears it, he starts dancing a mad dance, which leads him to the discovery of the third element: the fire. So, he takes out of the flycase the tools of fire, and dances and juggles with energy and strenght. But the FlyCase hides another present, maybe the most precious one: a dress of white silk. By wearing it, the performer will discover a different kind of dance, soft, sensual and fragile.

When the performer leaves, the space initially displayed is completely changed, for Ginko’s powerful ancestral dance has provided it with female elegance and sensitivity.

Alberto Cacopardi actor, dancer, trainer, his artistic experience starts from the circus art; from here he approaches body movement with contemporary dance and movement theater.In 2002 he graduates at the International School of Theater Creation “Kiklos” directed by Giovanni Fusetti, following the theater training of Jaques Lecoq. During his training he meets: Jean Daniel Frichter, Germana Giannini, Fabrizio Paladin, Imke McMurtrie, Maja Stromarg, Yoshi Oida, Tapa Sudana e Norman Tailor.In 2005 Atsushi Takenouchi introduces him in Butoh contemporary dance, and he is charmed by the sensitive exploration of the world outside and inside the interpreter.In 2004-2005 he works in the “Balletto Civile” company, directed by Michela Lucenti (“I topi” e“Kecuptroiane”). He cooperates with “La Piccionaia – I Carrara”, “Teatro dell’Est”,“Teatro Sociale” in Rovigo. As a trainer he proposes workshops and training experiences that embrace the body in its phisical and emotional respect, following a need of social sharing.

30 June 2017

Friday oreat 21:40 > 30' entrata libera / info su appfree entry

Castello degli Acaja – Fossato Fossano map 1

01 July 2017

Saturday oreat 23:00 > 30' entrata libera / info su appfree entry

Sagrato del Duomo Fossano map 10

02 July 2017

Sunday oreat 23:45 > 30' entrata libera / info su appfree entry

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by and with Alberto Cacopardi
performer Alberto C.
photo Andrea Cacopardi
Sound engineer Ilaria C.
Setting Alberto C. e Ilaria C.
Musical project Alberto C.
Costumes Ilaria C.
Production Tessuto Corporeo
in collaboration with Manonuda Teatro

duratalength 30'
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Danza contemporanea, Danza urbana
entrata libera / info su appfree entry