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Yin is an invitation to change the mode of perception, to modify space and time, to cross the border between worlds.
In this show of dervishes and jugglers, the spectator will experience a rotation from his or her seat. In a driving atmosphere of virtuoso juggling, the audience will be taken into a modern trance, a hypnosis marked by a rotating choreography.

31 August 2021

Tuesday oreat 21:30 > 1h20 € 10,00 /

Cour du Festival Cuneo

01 September 2021

Wednesday oreat 22:15 > 1h20 € 10,00 /

Cour du Festival Cuneo


prima nazionale

By and with Cyrille Humen and Van Kim Tran
Staging Eric Longequel

Sound creation Sylvain Quément / Gangpol (“Dystonie”, “Yokai”) and Stéphane Laporte
Lights Gilles Fer
Stage manager David Maillard or Paul Roussier
Sets Juline Darde Gervais

Costumes Léa Assous Graphics: Romain Marguaritte
Photography Emmanuelle Tricoire
Head of production and administration Corentine Poncet

Co-productions Association Beaumarchais-SACD (75), Cité du Cirque for the regional Pole Cirque Le Mans (72), City of Le Mans (72), La Maison des Jonglages – Agreed stage La Courneuve (93),
Le 3 bis f – contemporary arts venue (13), Espace Germinal, Fosses (95)

Residencies La Cascade – Pôle national Cirque – Ardèche – Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes (07), Espace Germinal in Fosses (95), Cooperative De Rue et De Cirque (75), Etabli – Collectif Petit Travers (69)

duratalength 1h20
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +8 anni
generegenre Choreographic Juggling, Danza contemporanea, Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket € 10,00