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Younak, the new great creation by the international director Adrián Schvarzstein. On stage 15 artists, an ancient Slovak legend told through different languages: contemporary circus, clownerie, commedia dell’arte.

Wild, exciting, unbelievable, Younak is the ideal continuation of Circus Kletzmer,
celebrated Adrian Schvarzstein’s show, performed all around the Europe.
An absolutely unmissable show, that drags any kind of audience in a thoughless, ironic world.

Cirkus Younak is the first contemporary circus production in Slovakia. A unique combination of theater, circus and folklore. Acrobatics, dance, live music, story of the greatest legends of brigand. A fusion of traditional and modern. Original music, choreography, story line, circus disciplines, costumes and scene performed by an international artistic team. The performance is suitable for every age.

29 June 2019

Saturday oreat 22:30 > 90' 20€ / 12€ /

Chapiteau Fratelli Mariano Busca

30 June 2019

Sunday oreat 18:30 > 90' 20€ / 12€ /

Chapiteau Fratelli Mariano Busca


prima europea

Original idea Pavol Kelley
Directed by Adrián Schvarzstein
Production Katarína Pokorná
Music Pavol Hubinák and Pavol Bartovič
Costumes Dana Kleinert
Scenography Peter Janků
Artistic cooperation and theatrical properties Kálmán Pál
Dramaturgy Juraj Bielik
Choreography and movement Stanislav Marišler
Stage lighting, setting and technical coordination Róbert Sloboda
Performers Adrian Schvarzstein / Roman Vykysalý, Victoria Priester, Lucia Priester, Barbora Priester, Miriam Švábová, Monika Mikovcová, Didac Cano, Alexander Müller, Denis Seliak, Ján Minárik and Jakub Halgoš

duratalength 90'
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo, Circo contemporaneo, Teatro
bigliettoticket 20€ / 12€

Younak - Cirkus Younak
Younak - Cirkus Younak
Younak - Cirkus Younak