Zastava Orkestar /IT

Zastava on fire tour

Programmazione IN


An explosive band composed of elements from some of the best Orchestras in Maremma and beyond…. The instruments used are strictly acoustic (brass, woodwinds and percussion). The repertoire includes songs from the Balkan Folk Tradition, Balkan Dance as well as original arrangements and compositions that lead the audience into the messy and joyful atmospheres of Kusturica’s movies. The Spectacle is a collective celebration that winds through the streets of the city in which everyone is invited to participate!

10 August 2022

Wednesday oreat 17:30 > 21:00 entrata libera / info su appfree entry

via Maestra Alba

04 September 2022

Sunday oreat 21:30 > Itinerante entrata libera / info su appfree entry

Centro Storico – Cuneo Cuneo

Zastava on fire tour

Diego Rossi Sax Baritono
Piero Bronzi Contralto-Direzione
Graziano Barbi Tenor Sax
Gabriele Barbi Trombone Coulisse
Paolo Acquaviva Trombone Coulisse
Niccolo’ Maggi Gran Cassa
Jacopo Pisapia Rullante E Percussioni
Samuele Badalamenti Percussioni
Mattia Galeotti Gran Cassa
Giulio Barbi Tromba & Frontman
Pierluigi Fantozzi Clarinetto
Federica Ceccherini Clarinetto
Matteo Zecchi Sax Soprano
Cristina S. Sax Alto
Olmo e Daniele Giocolieri

duratalength 30'
lingualanguage musicale
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Musicale, Teatro di strada
entrata libera / info su appfree entry