Il Gecko Tarantasca /IT

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The amateur sports association Il Gecko Tarantasca, was founded on 28 August 2009, to coordinate a school sports project in primary schools. The project is still active today, with numerous awards from the institutes. 

We continue to grow, cultivating every proposal and collaboration with schools.

The passion for sport has driven me, Stefania Garnero, to create afternoon and evening activities dedicated to sports growth. I would like to create a place for sports education, where competing is not the main thing, a place where everyone can find the opportunity to express themselves.

Since 2011, Gecko has moved its headquarters to Tarantasca, deliberately close to home, because I strongly believe in the value of family and hospitality.

We seek wellbeing in all its forms: for body and mind, here the individual will always be at the centre of our sporting vision.