Collettivo Lambe Lambe /IT

Teatri in miniatura

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Lambe Lambe box-theatre performances for one spectator at a time. The spectator is invited to watch a show hidden in a box.

We are proud to host this year’s national Lambe lambe meeting. Unfortunately, there will only be five of them, due to hygienic and organisational problems associated with the current situation. But what are the ‘Lambe lambe’? Lam-be-Lambe Theatre’ is the name of a special form of storytelling in a box. The entire theatre is no bigger than 40 x 50 cm, so the spectators look through a peephole one at a time and discover an unexpected little world full of surprises, tiny magic machines, fantastic characters and miniature lights. In short, entire theatres in a box that tell short but always magical and surprising stories.

STARBOY. Company Manintasca. A man, alone, at the window. A star, alone, in the night. Two solitudes. An approach. A delicate story, a small emotion, a unique and unrepeatable show, each time different as different as the eye that observes it.

Dance Box. Carla Taglietti. With a simple and fascinating technique, the spectator is drawn into a flexible and luminous dance. 3 minutes of amazement and rhythm.

Shelter Shattered Dreams. Lorena Vitali. The story of a useless king desperately searching for meaning and his encounter with the flute player Cidibò. They set off on a noble journey into the deep night, when the Stars are best seen, with the aim of collecting at least one. We don’t know if they will succeed in this undertaking, but we can certainly imagine the enthusiasm they felt when they set off.

The Garden of Wishes. Mignon Theatre. A little gardener cultivates dreams in the shape of de-siders. The idea for this show was born during the lockdown period out of a desire to touch the earth, to cultivate it, to imagine a new way of approaching nature, cultivation and culture.

PulcinellambeIdea. Lisa Bencivenni. There are ordinary boxes. Made of cardboard, without any decoration. Boxes without something so special that it invites us to look inside. Maybe that’s why we might miss out on some delicious biscuits in exchange for a beautiful but empty box. Often, the same thing happens to us with people, with certain situations, and it is precisely for this reason that I have invented a small and intimate show inside an ordinary box which, at least from the outside, does not seem to hold anything particularly interesting. For it to surprise you, you have to trust the wonder and look inside it