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Paidia is a show with the flavor of nonsense and a noir aftertaste. A touch of madness, a propensity to find oneself poised between thrill and error , a complicity in preferring the last and an indispensable intellectual curiosity have given rise to this quest for contemporary circus.Circus techniques and experiments of juggling and acrobatic bicycle give the opportunity to express the nuances of danger and fun.The music is original and played live, we loop it and mix it. Just as we mix clubs and targets, juggling, bass and drums. Do not look for a why, a logical thread in what you are seeing, this is just a game.

01 September 2022

Thursday oreat 22:30 > 50' 12€ /

Cour du Festival Cuneo

02 September 2022

Friday oreat 00:15 > 50' 12€ /


Luca Clarioni – Regia e autore
Francesco Fiore – Autore e interprete
Nicola Carbone – Autore e interprete
Valeria Volpe – Costumista
India Baretto – Costumista
Gianluca Petrassi – Scenografo e designer

duratalength 50'
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket 12€