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Annotazioni per un Faust

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The figure of Faust is a symbolic figure to be reread in our contemporary world. Faust crosses time and space, he binds to the natural and the supernatural, to the divine and to man, to man and his torment.

Faust is the desire for transition from one order to another, he is the one who, in the name of knowledge and the lust for knowledge of life and nature destroys everything, only to redeem himself and rebuild a new balance on the rubble.

Annotations for a Faust is ethical research within aesthetics, it is the search for elegance within the violence of the pact, it is the search for a change at any cost, at all costs, until damnation.

29 August 2021

Sunday oreat 19:30 > 40' 5€ /

Casa Francotto Busca

01 September 2021

Wednesday oreat 18:00 > 70' 5€ /

Biblioteca Civica Cuneo

Annotazioni per un Faust

world premiere

A project by Tommaso Monza
direction and choreography by Tommaso Monza and Claudia Rossi Valli
dance and scenic actions company Natiscalzi DT
With Samuele Arisci, Miryam Chilà, Laura Lorenzi, Ludovica Messina, Tommaso Monza
original live music Giorgio Mirto
objects of scene Tommaso Monza
With the participation of the Valle Maira Alpine Choir
directed by Luca Giachero
technique Orlando Cainelli
Organisation Chiara di Guardo
Production by Natiscalzi DT, Compagnia Abbondanza Bertoni
With the support of CCN di Nantes, Anghiari Dane Hub, Lavanderia a Vapore, Tendance Festival, Festival OrienteOccidente, Il giardino delle Esperidi, Festival Mirabilia, Comune di Cercino (SO)
consulting Archivio dei Diari di Pieve Santo Stefano, Dot.ssa Lidia Monza, Alberto Grilli / Teatro Due Mondi

duratalength 40'
lingualanguage italian
raccomandatorecommended +8 years
generegenre Dance Theatre
bigliettoticket 5€