Natiscalzi DT / Abbondanza Bertoni /IT


Programmazione IN


Gabriel is the second chapter of the Trilogy of the Divine; after the reflection on the theme of the Annunciation carried out in Mary’s Bath, the first chapter of the trilogy, Gabriel investigates the figure of the Messenger. A figure full of facets and symbolism, the Archangel Gabriel remains poised between divine and human, between hermetic and limpid declaration. Gabriel manifests himself.

A show divided in two parts: the first one is darker, linked to cosmogony, made of strong images and video-projections; the second one is poetic and romantic made of texts, dance and suggestions.

Gabriel is the one who manifests the power of the divine to men, but for this very reason he is the one who most frequents men and perhaps, therefore, a little bit of humanity is rooted in him.

The angel Gabriel is Death and Love, he doesn’t observe but acts on men and for this reason he is the one who most approaches and understands Mary, the most mortal among the divine, the most divine among mortals.