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From one dream to an idea, from one idea to a project, from one project to an adventure, from one adventure to In-Confort. The story of a road to uncertainty, to the unknown, to the intensity and discomfort. Or how we like to call it: a road of discovering, growing, emotions and vitality. A production created in route to Europe, based on the need to break our everyday barriers to entering and discovering new horizons. Our everyday comfort, situations that produce so difficult to break this bond and many other considerations are the starting piont of this trip to reverse the situation. An adventure that leads us to a new world to discover, to set our house on wheels and all surrounded by new landscapes and new people will join us.

The company was born in Barcelona, in early May 2015, when three members of the La Jove de la Galeria company, Adrián Pérez Ramos (Canary Islands, Spain), Albert Estrada Sánchez (Catalonia, Spain) and Bernat Messeguer (Catalonia, Spain), decided to start up a new journey in order to deepen the work that they began with the show JO:6. Later, due to the need of powering the circus part of the company, we started to talk with different job mates and a new artist joined us: Bárbara Vidal (Balearic Islands, Spain), who had shared stage before with us. At this point, all the components of the project shared our personal and artistic concerns, and we noticed that we had a project full of perspectives, the tools, the knowledge and the motivation to do it, so this is how In-Confort has been born. We have entered into a path of artistic, professional and personal growth. The path that has brought us to create this new show. THIS PROJECT ALSO HAVE CONSOLIDATED THE COMPANY AS SUCH AND WE HAVE ESTABLISHED IN THE professional WORLD OF scenic ARTS. We have also opened the doors to create a structure that allows us to develop new projects in the future, and thus to continue developing our personal and artistic perspectives.
07 Luglio 2016

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by Cia. Du'K'tO Director and coreographer Carlo Massari

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