The solo EFFACÉE(S) (Erased) puts the female body affirming its femininity to pasture by submitting it to the gaze of spectators who are led to change their view of the naked female body. A woman exposed is progressively transformed under the eye of the spectator into a deconstructed body, buffeted between agonizing struggle and imbalance. EFFACEE(S) (Erased) questions the feminine identity and the manner in which the woman’s body can be used in our societies. How to unveil the individual and its intimacy beyond its appearance?

Julie Alamelle was born in 1980. After many dance experiences and after earning a diploma as a dance teacher, she continued her training at the heart of the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique (Toulouse). She took on the works of others and initiated herself in the work of Alexander Feldenkrais. She works with many companies. In 2005, she joined the street art company Artonik with whom she continues to collaborate today and in parallel, she founded the company Mouvimento. Today she moves between the roles of performer, choreographer, dancer, street artist and teacher. Wendy Cornu was born in 1977. She was trained at the heart of the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine and has experimented with various techniques of the body in movement, taking on the work of a number of choreographers. Starting in 2002, she joined the artistic project of Emanuel and launched the premise of a personal choreographic research and writing through various pieces of choreography. Since 2009, she has been developing her choreographic portfolio at the heart of the company Mouvimento, which she co-directs with Julie Alamelle.

08 Luglio 2016

venerdì oreat 11:00 > 20' 2,00 /


Original idea Wendy Cornu Director and coreographer Julie Alamelle and Wendy Cornu

duratalength 20'
bigliettoticket 2,00