The Fox and the Hound

In 1882, Friedrich Nietzshe declared that God was dead.  Exactly 100 years later a vixen runs in terror through a Technicolor forest, to the sound of barking dogs on cinema screens around the world. She is carrying a young a pup, in her mouth.  An owl emerges from a hole in the tree to witness the fox hide her pup in the grass near a fence post. She nuzzles him goodbye before fleeing in the opposite direction, selflessly leading the unseen hunter – represented by the sound of barking dogs –  away from her precious offspring. She disappears from sight behind a hill and for a moment we hope against hope that her goodness will win out over the inevitability of her narrative.  And then…

Nietzshe was right.

And so begins our existentialist reimagining of The Fox and The Hound.

About PanicLab PanicLab is a performing arts company, run by producer Clara Giraud and performance makers Joseph Mercier and Lennie and a regular group of designers.   The company produces performance in the fields of contemporary dance, theatre and performance, often using the personal as a starting point. As a group, PanicLab is passionate about performance that is raw, honest, extraordinary and humble.  The work the company makes is political, personal, serious yet with a good dose of humour. It is highly visual and physical.   It often challenges perspectives, while being accessible to a wide audience, and unpretentious.

06 Luglio 2016

mercoledì oreat 10:30 > 20' 2,00 /

The Fox and the Hound

by PanicLab

duratalength 20'
bigliettoticket 2,00