Let's twist again!

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Let’s twist again! is an acrobatic musical comedy show, with an unforgettable soundtrack that takes inspiration from the golden age of American music and proposes new and overwhelming acrobatic sequences.

Memorable hits such as Twistin’ the Night Away, Blue Moon, Just a Gigolo and songs by the greatest U.S. performers such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Chubby Checker, Glenn Miller and Keith Emerson accompany a dynamic and fun repertoire made of pyramids, somersaults, rope exercises and much more!

04 August 2021

Wednesday oreat 21:30 > 75' 6€ /

Arena Guido Sacerdote Alba

Let's twist again!

Written and directed by Alexander Sunny
with Ali Salim Mwakasidi, Bilal Musa Huka, Peter Mnyamosi Obunde, Rashid Amini Kulembwa e Seif Mohamed Mlevi
Coreography Electra Preisner e Ahara Bischoff
Scenography Siegfried Preisner, Loredana Nones e Studiobazart
Light designer Andrew Broom
Artistic consultant Alexandra Dalmas
Project manager Tony Pake

duratalength 75'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket 6€